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Jim’s British Market in Gland

Jim’s Gland shop opened on 20 JanuWelcome to Jim's Switzerlandary 2012. The shop, as you will see, is a good deal smaller than St. Genis so there is no tea room and not quite the same variety of products – but the atmosphere is just as friendly!

At Gland, we will continue our policy of trying our best to obtain anything that customers want – providing, of course, Swiss customs criteria are met!

As soon as you enter the shop, you will see that it is well stocked with ambient food and you should find your favourite cereals, chocolate, biscuits, and Mr Kipling cakes, etc. We have also included all the popular baking products and soft drinks as well as non-food items such as Dettol, Listerine and Fairy Liquid.

The freezers are equally well stocked and you will find frozen sausages, bacon, cod and haddock, and lots of other favourites. We also have a good selection of Weight Watchers ready meals and Linda McCartney and Quorn products.

With space being limited we do not yet have a display fridge, but in the closed fridge by the till we normally have a good selection of cheese, fresh bacon and other chilled favourites.

Don’t hesitate to ask Kim or Lorraine to help you find something or to make a special request for something you would like.